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Wayne and Gill Watson.
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Alpine Experience

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Change Of Pace!!!

After skiing five days-in-a-row of ‘classic’ spring slopes in Val d’Isere Chris and I headed to Tignes for a change of pace and we had a cracking good morning. (See photos) Meanwhile Andreas ‘skinned’ to the Col des Fours and Thomas and Henry stayed on our side of the resort. The sun continues to shine but there is still a chill in the air making it tricky to judge spring slopes timing-wise but the boys are doing a great job.

As you might expect I’ve had quite a few comments on my Brexit blog from people who feel the same way I do but I also had one from a great friend who I never would have guessed to be a Brexiteer! Just goes to show you never can tell!

The Pigs were brilliant again last night and next week will be their last ever gig at the Danois so I hope we can rally up a great crowd. And don’t forget Karen and Andreas tonight around 5:15. You don’t want to be late as a couple of my favourites come up early on! See you there and stay tuned for another great day of skiing tomorrow!