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Wayne and Gill Watson.
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Change Of Sector!!!

I thought it was time for a change of scenery and to check out the Fornet sector so Chris and I went over the Col Pers and ‘skinned’ up to the Glacier Pers. As usual the scenery was stunning and a new client Geoff mentioned the panorama as soon as we passed the Col. The snow wasn’t as good I as was hoping but I’ve certainly skied worse as the top pitch was very good, the middle section was ‘educational’ and needed some application, and then it loosened up again on the bottom section. I must give a ‘skier of the day’ mention to Penny who absolutely creamed it and showed the snow who was boss. Bravo Penny on a really impressive performance! Meanwhile Thomas’ lovely wife Muriel was guiding Kathy this morning and they had a great time together in the Pays Desert and Cugnai. And a big happy birthday to Muriel as well! Meanwhile Andreas and Thomas headed back to trusty Tignes and head some great skiing but I’ll go into ‘code-mode’ in case we need any of their itineraries from today in the next couple of days.

The sun is strong enough to ruin snow that may have been good today but now won’t necessarily be tomorrow but the heat isn’t intense enough yet to count on any spring snow except perhaps on steep slopes at low altitude. With no snow in the immediate forecast we could really use some spring options, and the sooner the better!

For all you Ski Club members out there Karen will be playing at your party at the Bar Alexandra tomorrow night. Meanwhile I’ll be at the Danois for the Guinea Pigs starting at 5:30 and hope to see you there. Stay tuned!