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Wayne and Gill Watson.
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Changed Gorge!!!

I had an excellent trip through the gorge this morning with Fiona and Andrew and after a couple of days of high winds the landscape in the gorge has changed dramatically. It’s always a lovely trip but I thought it was the most interesting of the season and getting over the Col at the moment is an adventure in itself. Fiona spotted a Perdrix Blanche up close and we saw a Bouquetin as well so it was a good wildlife show as well. (See photos)

Chris skied the Glacier Pers while Thomas was in Tignes towards the Terre Rouge and Andreas was down the valley with Ness to look at a potential school for her.

It was another great afternoon of technique with Steve and Helen and I look forward to skiing with them again on Thursday.

The last few days have been significantly colder with some cloud cover and without new snow falling out of the sky but we may see some fresh snow over the weekend. Fingers crossed and stay tuned!

PS Jerry and Sue had a brilliant time at the Refuge last night. Jerry reports that it’s been incredibly well done and the pool is one of the nicest he’s ever swam in!