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Wayne and Gill Watson.
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Alpine Experience

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Changing Conditions!!!

The punchy wind mentioned yesterday is really starting to do some damage. Even some of our bread-and-butter stashes are being worked over and starting to stiffen. The sun has also become a negative factor now and combine it all with ‘track-abusers’ and the mountain is become a bit of a mess! (If this wind continues we’ll be skiing souffle soon!)

With that said the boys come into their own in these conditions. The old saying “when the going gets weird, the weird turn pro” comes to mind and I’m proud of the boys for ‘sniffing’ some great skiing out of nothing. Bravo boys!

I thoroughly enjoyed today (see photos) and skied a couloir that with hind-sight I wouldn’t have skied. But, it was atmospheric and a good ‘travelling safely in the mountains’ experience and the team enjoyed it once they were down.

Karen and Andreas filled in for the Revolverlites at short notice last night and did their usual brilliant job. I had a Pilates class and didn’t make it until 7:15 but arrived in time for Zombie. Charles was chuffed as Karen dedicated ‘Dancing in the Dark’ by Bruce Springsteen to him. Charles has only seen Bruce 42 times with 6 more gigs lined up this summer, but the dedication made his night!

Charles’s team of 11 men booked out Flash Pizza privately for their chalet night off. They invited Penny along and they all had a fantastic time. The Flash boys are great guys and they took really good care of them.

Don’t forget Fernando at the Danois at 5:15. He’s fantastic and doesn’t play every week so do come out and support him. See you there.

Stay tuned!