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Wayne and Gill Watson.
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Chez Andreas!!!

Henry had a great time at the Fornet yesterday so my plan today was to head up there for a change of scenery but with the sky a little darker that way I decided to keep Andreas company and check out one of his new couloirs. The last time I ‘booted’ up there was with TJ so it must have been about 15-years ago so it was a nice change and the scenery was spectacular. (See photos) Unfortunately Paddy was hit by a stomach bug and bravo to him because the climb up wasn’t for the faint-hearted and he did really well to get himself up. I needed to abort the couloir routine to get Paddy down in one piece because he wouldn’t have managed the second walk. Andreas started into his couloir but after a short ski had to turn around and ‘boot’ out as the couloir had turned to sheet ice and it was too dangerous to continue skiing. For an outing that didn’t turn out as planned it was really good fun and all the boys really enjoyed themselves.

Chris had new clients today so he returned to where we skied yesterday as the snow quality was excellent and so was the ambience and Thomas and Henry had the day off.

Bravo to Uffe, Tchenko and Remy for a thoroughly professional job with the Ski Club this week. The Ski Club were based in Tignes so the boys needed to drive over ever day and the weather for the first couple of days was absolutely dreadful. The Ski Club like to ski all day and the boys dealt with rain and wind and I know that Uffe skied until 5 o’clock with his team one day. Great effort boys and the Ski Club are lucky to have you!

Last night’s gig at the Danois was absolutely brilliant as Andreas returned he and Karen put on an excellent show. It was great to have Andreas back and he thoroughly enjoyed himself and Tansy came up for a dance (the girl is fluid on the dance floor!!!).  She had a terrific dance with someone in the crowd who was pretty good himself and it really got the place rocking. It was lovely to see Victor as well and all in all it was another great night in the Danois. (And I think the boys should pay more attention to Karen’s jokes!) Stay tuned!

PS Chris reports that the Coronavirus has reached Chamonix. That’s a little close to home!!!

PPS Thomas did work today and skied in La Rosiere and a big happy birthday to Franny!!!