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Wayne and Gill Watson.
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What An Idiot!!!

After yesterday’s slaughter it was time to go for a walk. After having total tranquility during the flat-light period the only way to find some peace and quiet was to go for a walk.

It was cold again this morning and our skis just wouldn’t slide. Where we can normally glide in a traverse was a shuffle and quite hard work. The result was itineraries took an extra hour, leading up to me being a bit behind schedule for my Pilates class.

Because I was running late I ended up doing one of the stupidest maneuvers of the past twenty years.  I was in the sliding carpet tube coming back up to the Tete du Solaise.

It was running incredibly slow because people were piling on and overloading it. My carpet was travelling at a snails pace while the people on the one next door were flying past me. I decided to jump ship and climb onto the faster carpet. Getting off was easy. But, as soon as I stepped onto the moving carpet it spun me around and threw me to the floor. Then the guy behind me piled into me and people started to stack up. The entire system shut down and I was laying on my back unable to get up. I was like a turtle on its back and really stuck. Fortunately a nice boarder walked up the ramp and helped me up otherwise I’d still be there. It was all rather embarrassing but fortunately I didn’t hurt myself. What an idiot!

I made it home just in time for my Pilates class and then took my new skis to the shop to be mounted and ready for tomorrow. Skiing on the 96’s the past three days has helped to reprogramme my motor-movements and I actually skied better on my skinny skis today than I might have last week. Overnight wind has worked the snow in places and it wasn’t as easy as the past few days. There is still some wonderful snow but also some areas of thicker ‘educational’ snow.

Tonight’s gig was excellent. Karen and Andreas continue to belt it out and the regular Friday night crowd continue to thoroughly enjoy themselves. It’s always a fantastic end to the week and I always look forward to my Friday night in the Danois.

Time for bed. Stay tuned!