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Wayne and Gill Watson.
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Clear Blue Skies!!!

We enjoyed clear blue skies but it was significantly colder today. Radio Val announced -12C in the village and -15C at the Fornet. After all the unseasonable warm weather of late it was refreshing to be back to winter temperatures.

The skiing was fantastic this morning. I started off with some lovely turns off the Borsat into the Lower Borsat and the meadows below. Then I headed up the Motte for a great run on my favourite shoulder. We then skied an excellent run off the Cairn followed by a lovely run on the Col du Palet. Last up to finish the morning was a run on the dependable Altiport.

Thomas skied similar itineraries to me while Andreas skied the Chardonnet and Col du Palet. I’m not too sure what Henry skied but he was in the neighbourhood. We all chose Tignes because it was just too cold at the Fornet this morning.

Unfortunately there won’t be any photos today. I brought my camera but unfortunately left the battery in the charger. I whipped it out to take a photo of a great set of tracks and knew immediately what I had done. At 5 o’clock this morning I thought about getting up and putting the battery back in my camera. But I told myself I’d remember in the morning and just go back to sleep. C’est la vie!

Stay tuned!

PS My entire team skied really well this morning. But I wanted to say bravo to Penny who skied brilliantly today. And Adam F was looking pretty good as well on his new boards!

PPS Fi, your air-bag handle is in the shop! And congratulations to Peter and Clare who are now first-time grandparents! They have a beautiful little grand-daughter and both baby and mother are both doing well.

PPPS I’ve posted one photo submitted by Johnnie Alpine. Thanks John!