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Wayne and Gill Watson.
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‘Code Mode’!!!

We had some unexpected sunshine today and it was blissful. When you go to bed expecting flat-light the sun breaking through is so appreciated. You go from wondering what you’re going to do all morning to ‘game-on’ mode!

The team headed up to the Fornet for a change of scenery this morning but high winds kept the lifts closed. We had a good run to the bottom before jumping on a bus back to the Rond Point.

Most of today’s photos come from the ‘code mode’ run. Chris and I took a calculated risk and we were seriously rewarded with wonderful snow, great ambiance, a chamois sighting and enough snow at the bottom of the mountain to escape back to civilization. The risky bit was the snow cover lower down and it was much better than we could have hoped for.

Andreas, JM, Pietro, Chris and Thomas were all in action today and I know everyone was extremely thankful for blue skies and great visibility. All the boys toke full advantage and there were lots of smiling faces.

Pietro and I had a nice drink with John and Margaret at the Baraque last night. It was great to see them and they’re really enjoying themselves. It’s been three seasons since they were last here and they plan on being here for quite a bit of the season.

We may see some more snow tonight, which would be great, and fingers crossed for the sun!

Stay tuned!

PS Your first two guesses don’t count Simon!