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Wayne and Gill Watson.
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Alpine Experience

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We’ve had three stunning days of non-stop sunshine and the high-pressure is set to continue. No new snow is forecast until at least Christmas and our options are heating up. So I’ve gone to ‘code-mode’ and won’t be reporting any clever ‘sniffs’ from the boys!

I’ve discarded my winter gear and am wearing my spring outfit and it’s still warm. I came home at lunch to find the guy next door sitting on the terrace in his underwear. And I mean just his briefs! Next thing I knew his wife was shouting at him and he quickly disappeared back indoors. He rents the apartment a couple of times a season and has done for many years. He’s a good guy and we always have a laugh but he’s a seriously strange dude! (Gill doesn’t think he’s so funny though!)

I’ve posted some photos and need to get preparing for the girls arrival next Wednesday. Stay tuned!