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Wayne and Gill Watson.
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The sun was shining this morning and Thomas and I headed back up to the Fornet but opted for a more adventurous outing, especially since the Pays Desert was hit hard yesterday. We headed over the Col Pers for the first time this season and it was a stunning sight as there wasn’t a mark on the mountain and we were totally alone with our groups. The entrance was nicely filled in with snow and we were able to ski the steep entrance pitch, which is incredibly rare even at the best of times. There isn’t enough snow to ski to the bottom so I’ll leave the rest to your imagination! (Penny showed up this morning at the Gourmandine and was treated to a superb first morning.) I finished up on Bellevarde to have a look around and we found some nice snow to finish the morning.

Chris and I started our Community Service last night. The ESF have taken over the entire skiing programme with the school kids so Chris and I are serving hot wine and chocolate at various animation evenings during the season. It was incredibly busy but the time flew by and we had a surprisingly good time. Hopefully our next five sessions will be as much fun!  (I must explain that ‘Community Service’ is time given to the Commune in exchange for our free ski passes, and not a punishment for drunk-and-disorderly behaviour  or a drink-driving charge!)

I’ve eaten many a lovely curry at Johnny Alpine’s but last night’s meal was the best yet. He served Chicken Masala, Beef Keema, Sal Aloo, and rice  along with a superb mango chutney followed by ice cream with Amarena Cherries. Wow, it was stunning and thank-you very much John! And Tottenham v Chelsea was very entertaining as well!

We may see some snow tonight so fingers crossed and stay tuned!

PS And Go Stamps Go !!!