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Wayne and Gill Watson.
Alpine Experience
Alpine Experience

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Gill has corrected me on a comment made on yesterday’s blog. I’d said that Katie and I had murdered and butchered Bob and the Eagles. Actually it was me doing the slaying as Katie has a lovely singing voice. Sorry Kato!

Chris finished up his week in Tignes skiing with the Ski Club. Tchenko drove him over every day and I think the boys had a great time working together.

Henry has been working all week with Jerome while Thomas has had a private most of the week. Thanks to Yann, Emeric and Jerome who have all helped us out this week.

As for today’s skiing I had a cast of characters. Richard, James, along with John and his daughter Ella, with Chris and his son Alex. (See photos) The wind blowing through the Lower Borsat this morning took me by surprise. It had ripped out all the fresh snow and I thought we might be in for a tricky morning. But just as surprising was there was absolutely no wind at all at altitude. And we ended up having a lovely morning up and around the Motte for the team’s last morning.

I had a lovely lunch at the Dahu in Val Claret with Katie and Jake. Afterwards Katie met Ness and Victor and they’ve spent the afternoon together.

Stay tuned for more news tomorrow!