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Covid Hotspot!!!

I fear that Val d’Isere must be right up there as far as worldwide ‘Covid Hotspots’ go. We’ve people rammed into buses, cable cars, and funiculars. The bars and restaurants are full and there is very little social distancing going on. Thank goodness people need Covid Passports to enter public places.

In reality the numbers must be perhaps 10 times higher than government figures. (Only making a statement as no one has any proof of exact numbers) There are people walking around town with Covid thinking they have mild cold or flu symptoms. And thus not testing. Some people in town with symptoms are avoiding testing for fear of missing work. And then there are those how are totally oblivious to the fact the they are symptom-free carriers! It’s quite frightening really how much Covid must be out there at the moment!

As the variants weaken and cause less harm they are becoming more transmissible. Eventually we’ll end up with variants that are just another seriously inconvenient winter illness like the common cold or flu. When we get to that point surely the world needs to open up. We need to get back to work and living our lives without constantly changing rules. And the stress and uncertainty that goes with it.

I guess the million dollar question is ‘are we there yet’? Surely we must be getting close?

The lack of hospital beds always seems to be the governmental fall-back answer. I figure in the UK there are a couple of possible solutions:

1. Build more hospital beds and reopen UK borders so that the beds can be properly staffed.

2. Let the un-vaccinated give up their beds. Or better yet, no Covid Vaccination Passport no entry into the hospitals?

I’m sure I’ll receive some stick over this one but that’s part of the fun of having your own blog!

As you all know I’m full of mortadelle and am no expert. If any of you medical people out there have educational information please send it to me. I’d be pleased to add any important information you may have to the blog.

As for today’s skiing. Andreas and Thomas skied together with their groups while Chris enjoyed the day off. The forecast for tomorrow isn’t very inspiring. So, Andreas is taking the next few days off for Christmas with his family and I’m not sure about Thomas. Henry is starting tomorrow (bad luck Henry), Chris is off and I’ll definitely be at home plotting my return.

I’ve put up my Christmas tree this morning thinking of the girls. Then I sat on the terrace reading and having lunch in the sun. But, with grey skies forecast I’m going to miss the sun tomorrow! Stay tuned!

PS Photos of terrace, tree and last night’s pasta sauce to accompany chicken cordon bleu !