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Wayne and Gill Watson.
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Cracking Outing!!!

After yesterday’s difficult day with cement-like snow there was enough of a re-freeze to set the snow up into something skiable and the with sun shining I thought it was a cracking morning. The snow supported for the most part with a creamy surface and it was about as good as we could have hoped for and it skied really well. It was an ‘educational’ morning and both Thomas and I commented on how the track and the snow helped to improve everyone’s skill levels. You needed pivoting, a round turn, quiet feet, connection of movement, just the right amount of edge that was applied delicately and progressively, and of course some side-slipping when needed. Chris commented on how well Nick and Anne skied today and I thought everyone handled today’s conditions brilliantly and it was an excellent learning experience. (See photos)

It was a ‘maximum-turn’ type of morning as Thomas and I headed to Tignes via a nice warm-up and snow test off the Verte, followed by the Lower Borsat and meadows into Tignes, then the Chardonnet, the meadows off the Merle and Tignes Altiport, my shoulder, the Cairn, the Campanules, and a lovely Familial to finish off Viviana’s birthday ski. Happy Birthday Viviana and it was a pleasure skiing with you and Matt this week! Meanwhile Chris headed up to the Pisaillas Glacier for a change of scenery and enjoyed a jolly good morning as well.

With Andreas away with Tansy in Italy Mike filled in for him at the Danois last night and he and Karen put on a great gig. Mike and Karen have played off-and-on together for years and it was nice to see Mike as it was his first gig in town all winter. He’s played here with Ritchie for almost 30-years and has always been a favourite of the Munke Tour boys. In fact Andreas set the boys up with a taxi and they went to La Rosiere last week to see Mike and Ritchie play! Anyway, Karen was brilliant as usual and they had the place rocking! Andreas will be back for next week’s Alpine Get-together and gig at the Danois and I’m looking forward to it already!

It was great to see Joy and Al yesterday at their hotel and thanks very much for the tea and Chevallot cakes. Yum!!! Chrissie, Suzanne and Chris also came along and it was a lovely get-together.

Fingers crossed for another good day of visibility tomorrow as a bit of positivity goes a long way in the present snow conditions but don’t get me wrong, I thought today was great skiing and I thoroughly enjoyed it. And come on you Hammers!