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Wayne and Gill Watson.
Alpine Experience
Alpine Experience

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Day 1!!!

After a good drive yesterday we had a lovely evening with gin and tonics before having a great pasta supper. It was wonderful to be back in the mountains and we’re all looking forward to a brilliant holiday.

Today was day one and it just happens to be Millie’s 19th birthday! Happy birthday Millie and it’s amazing how quickly those years have flown by!

After a lovely breakfast in the sun on the terrace we headed off for the first hike of many. We warmed up with a beautiful walk up the Piste Perdue and around and back down via the Combe Folle. (see photos)

After a late lunch on the terrace the girls have headed to Chevallot to chose Millie’s birthday dessert. We’ll head back into town later for a drink and take it from there. So far so good!

Stay tuned!

PS We met Tchenko at the Salon des Fous for a drink and said hello to Karen. Uffe stopped by as did Henry so it was a nice social end to the day.