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Wayne and Gill Watson.
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Alpine Experience

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Day 3 and Day 4!!!

I managed to post yesterday’s photos just before the Alpine site crashed. Chris contacted our server this morning and they thankfully sorted it out quite quickly. Thanks Chris!

Yesterday we enjoyed breakfast, lunch and dinner on the terrace. We hiked up through the Solaise trees, across the L and then up to the Fornet before heading back home. After lunch we relaxed poolside at the Hotel Altitude.

Today after a breakfast outside we walked from Tignes Les Boisse to the Refuge de la Martin and back. It was a five hour outing with our picnic and the girl’s berry picking session. (See photos)

Somewhere along the way Millie put her hand down on top of a butterfly. She noticed later on that she had a tattoo-type imprint of the poor deceased insect on her hand. I’ve never witnessed that one before!

We are heading out into the street so that the girls can check a couple of menus with terraces still in the sun. I somehow think that the sun is more important the the food but we’ll see!

Derek sent me some shocking videos of a raging fire close to his property in Portugal. He actually filmed these videos and was right up close to the flames. Fortunately the fire brigade have things under control for the moment. Good luck Derek and to the Farrer’s!

Stay tuned for more holiday news tomorrow!