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Wayne and Gill Watson.
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Day 8!!!

Well, Day 8 didn’t go to plan!

We’d had our breakfast, made our bacon sandwiches for our picnic lunch and thought we were ready to go. Bonneval was the plan but when I turned the key in the ignition nothing happened.

My first thought was that the starter motor had gone. It made such a weird sound and I was a little worried as all the garages are extremely busy. Any repairs are taking ages and we really need our car!

Gill, Millie, Katie and our concierge Patricia pushed me and we managed to jump start the car. I drove down to La Daille and the station was closed. Then I went to Les Boisse and they were incredibly unhelpful. Thomas suggested his friend Roman and made me a rendezvous in Seez.

As it turned out the battery was dead and they replaced the battery there and then. What a result! It saved me a lot of money and inconvenience and I was a happy boy!  (You’ll notice in the photos that someone had much bigger car issues than I did!)

I returned home about 1:30 and after lunch on the terrace we all headed to the pool for the afternoon. It’s a great setting and for the price of a few drinks you have the use of the facilities including towels.

The girls picked up a chicken and potatoes from the market plus a couple of tubs of ice cream. It made for a delicious supper and it was nice to not have to cook.

After supper we drove up past the Fornet to the Table de Orientation to watch the sunset. The lighting was stunning and we ended up with a bit of a photo shoot.

For a day that started off badly it all turned out pretty well.

Stay tuned for Bonneval news and photos tomorrow!