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Wayne and Gill Watson.
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Alpine Experience

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We’ve endured a pretty tough period trying to make the most of each day in difficult conditions and all the boys have done a brilliant job finding the best snow on offer while entertaining their clients. Today was no different and I took my team for a little ‘skin’ but it became apparent that I’d need to change my plan so we stopped our walk short and skied some decent winter snow before moving on to the next plan. After another short ‘skin’ we skied a few winter turns before skiing some excellent spring snow (see photos) and towards the bottom of our itinerary Becca fell in a tricky patch of snow and damaged her knee. We knew pretty quickly that we’d need a helicopter rescue and that we’d need to get her down to a flatter area so that the helicopter could land and she ended up sliding down on her bum. As usual the piste service was fantastic with their response and getting her safely and painlessly evacuated. Becca was really brave and good spirited and I feel so sorry for her. I know it wasn’t my fault but we’re always responsible for what happens in our groups and I’m feeling a little deflated at the moment.

Stay tuned for better news tomorrow!