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Wayne and Gill Watson.
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Alpine Experience

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‘Desperate Dan’ Stuff!!!

With perhaps a little relief in sight tomorrow night I used up some of my ‘last-minute-Desperate-Dan’ tricks today and managed to ski some nice soft frisset before turning to a little spring and then some lovely chalky winter snow in the steeps to finish off a pretty good morning. (See photos) I had a father-and-son team (Ian and Max) from Boston along for their first experience with us this morning and I think they had a brilliant time! Fingers crossed that it snows, even 10cm’s although we need a lot more than that, but we desperately need a fresh canvas as it’s past the point of being funny out there! Bravo again to all the boys for continuing to make the most of a tough situation.

Chris was at the Fornet today while Andreas headed down to St Foy and Thomas is in Villaroger, and I haven’t seen Henry for ages!

I had a great time in the Danois last night with Wils and Rosie along with Jamie and Lois. I haven’t met Wils girlfriend Lois before and she’s a cracking girl and I’m looking forward to seeing them all at the Pigs tomorrow for après-ski starting at 5:30. It’s that time of the week when a really start to look forward to the Guinea Pigs tomorrow followed by Karen and Andreas on Friday. Both gigs are fantastic and shouldn’t be missed so I look forward to seeing you all there! It was also Florence’s birthday yesterday and she was celebrating with Tchenko, Karen, Uffa and a few other so happy belated birthday Florence!

I’m wearing my Hammers shirt this afternoon not that it will do much good as we take in City tonight away. Blimey, that’s a tough one but it would be wonderful to do Liverpool a favour. Come on boys! Stay tuned!

PS Good luck to Millie and all her pals as they started their GCSE mock exams this week!

PPS And hello to Jamie’s Mum and Dad, Gavin and Rona. Rona is a regular reader of the blog.