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Wayne and Gill Watson.
Alpine Experience
Alpine Experience

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The entire ‘Alpine’ team spread out in just about every direction possible and Andreas, Thomas and I all took our teams for a ‘skin’. The sun continues to beat down so it’s definitely ‘walkies’ time as the resort has been hit hard with tracks. As usual it would help if more people made an effort with their tracks because it doesn’t take too many selfish skiers to unnecessarily trash the place and with several more days of sunshine on the horizon it’s not going to get any easier. With that said it was a cracking morning and very much enjoyed by everyone involved. (See photos)

I forgot to mention how good Karen and Andreas’ gig was last Friday. We had an excellent ‘Alpine’ turnout and everyone thoroughly enjoyed themselves. They’ll be playing again this Friday starting at 5 o’clock but I won’t be there as I’m driving the girls and Ray to the airport.

I’m off to the gym to stretch out and stay tuned for more news tomorrow.

PS Millie and Katie broke their time from the top of the Grande Motte Funicular to the bottom by 31 seconds clocking in at 3:31.