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Wayne and Gill Watson.
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Don’t Forget Your Skins!!!

With Covid 19 making an unfortunate but predicted return we are all hoping for the best next season. I know that a few of you who own apartments are planning on spending time skiing this winter, quarantine or not. But for those who have jobs to get back to or school for your children it will be a much more complicated decision on whether you risk skiing or not. I sincerely hope that we all get some sort of skiing in during these turbulent times!

I’m planning on arriving on November 26th to be ready for opening day on the 28th. At the moment the resort seems confident in opening on time. Thanks to the summer season the STVI practiced and are prepared for the social-distancing challenges to come. In the end it will come down to government decisions and with Brexit looming I can’t imagine the French/Anglo relations being too friendly or cooperative. The post-Brexit tensions could add to travel complications but we can only wait and see and hope for the best!

I think that ‘skinning’ and staying away from people will be the way forward but what else is new! Many of you will be totally up for it while others won’t be so keen on walking. But after such a long period of restricted movement it will be a great opportunity to get back into shape. I don’t know about you but I’m really looking forward to it!

Last weekend was Millie’s Junior Club Championships. Although she wasn’t at her best Millie managed to come second while picking up a few quid in the Nett category. (I’ve posted a couple of photos of the winners together.)

Stay tuned for more news soon as things seem to be changing daily at the moment!