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Wayne and Gill Watson.
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Wet And Heavy!!!

It snowed 25cm’s in the village overnight and even more at altitude. With the warm temperatures it was warm and heavy but the snow skied pretty well for the most part. And considering that there was a punchy wind in places we had a really decent morning.

Very little was open so our options were extremely limited. And a 4/5 avalanche risk didn’t help. Not even Bonnevie’s Drag opened so we had to scratch around and the lower slopes were too heavy to even contemplate. The skiing mid-altitude was technical but fun up until around 11:30. But as the morning wore on the snow slowly became heavier and we eventually packed it in around noon.

Last night’s gig at the Danois was absolutely superb! We had a huge ‘Alpine’ turn-out and everyone thoroughly enjoyed themselves. The Lunettes are seriously talented musicians and they were on fire last night. Brazilian Fernando on bass and lead vocals, Spaniards Albert on lead guitar, and Marc on drums had the place rocking.

I was on the dance floor for the first time all season and was joined by Gill. Gill and I dancing is a rare sight and Katie thought it was hilarious. Johnnie Alpine was inspired to a little boogie as was Jane S from New Zealand, Tasha and her pals, my beau-frere Pav and his wife Abigail, Kevin, Carol and I’m probably missing a few. And Paul drove up from Geneva in time for the gig. It was a fantastic evening and the good news is they’ll be back next Tuesday. Do not miss it if you’re in town!

And don’t forget Karen and Andreas at the Danois this evening. It promises to be another great apres-ski with another big ‘Alpine’ turnout! See you there.

Stay tuned!

PS I forgot my camera this morning. It’s probably just as well as it was so wet!