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Wayne and Gill Watson.
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Easier Skiing!!!

I had  much easier skiing this morning and was thankful for that. It was time to get my new skis out and they were absolutely shocking. I struggled in every turn and needed to concentrate totally. There was no way I would have attempted some of yesterday’s snow, that actually skied quite well, today.

It was totally my fault as you should never trust new skis out of the factory. In the old days we used to hand-tune new skis before ever skiing on them. Skis are probably better out of the factory now than they used to be, but most new skis need some tender loving care before you ski on them. Mine had way too much structure, were slightly burred and needed the tips and tails dulled. I’m such an idiot! (I was bloody glad to get down in one piece!)

Chris was back today for the first time in nearly three weeks. He’s had a bad case of covid, which has affected his chest, but he’s now back in action. He’s been missing it desperately and is raring to go!

If you’re about to arrive in town be very careful on the pavements. The sidewalks are absolutely lethal at the moment and there has been a lot of accidents. Cam who is staying next door broke his ankle on New Year’s Eve and needed surgery, and he’s still down in the hospital.

The other day I was walking to the bus stop and it was incredibly slippery. Where the pavement slopes down for cars I started to slide. It needed all my experience to arrest the slide with my boots just before a bus went whizzing by. I thought of the moment that I was going to end up under the bus and it was a scary moment. With the temperatures around zero and up to 4C the pavements are more slippery than normal. And that’s saying something!

We may get a dusting of snow overnight but I’d gladly trade a dusting for some sunshine. Visibility is the key until we get some proper snow and a fresh canvas.

Stay tuned!

PS I din’t get many action shots today as many of them were blurred. So, don’t take it personally if you don’t feature in the ‘Photos of the Day’! (emoji)