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Wayne and Gill Watson.
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If yesterday was slightly ‘educational’ this morning was full on! I don’t think I can remember such tricky conditions for quite some time, except that unskiable day last season after the rain. Anyway, hats off to my team for a great performance in taxing snow. They made some interesting snow look pretty good in the photos!

Andreas and I were the only ones on the mountain today and we were both grateful for the sunshine. Today would have been a non-starter in flat-light, and hopefully we’ll get a change of conditions soon. It’s ‘skiers’ snow at the moment, meaning the better you ski the more fun you’ll have. But, it’s the type of snow that’s potentially risky for the knees of weaker skiers.

I’m fighting off a lurgy that’s been trying to creep into my system. Yesterday I watched 3 Premiership games before going to bed a nine o’clock and sleeping straight through for 10 hours. That’s what I call a perfect New Year’s Eve under the circumstances!

Stay tuned for more news and photos tomorrow!