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Wayne and Gill Watson.
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Alpine Experience

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It was an ‘educational’ morning in more ways than one!

The skiing this morning was ‘educational’ technically at times. Hats off to Rory and Katie who are new to off-piste and they improved dramatically during the morning. Rory had skied one day off-piste on spring snow before today and it certainly wasn’t ‘initiation’ type conditions! Even the most experienced off-piste skiers were using every trick in their arsenal. Bravo to you both!

This morning was also ‘educational’ guiding-wise. We’ve had a tricky and challenging guiding winter so far with many difficult periods. And the past couple of days have been fairly unique to say the least. I can’t remember the last time we had conditions like this so it has kept us thinking on our feet. Well done boys for making it up as we go along! (see photos)

I always say ‘never congratulate yourself while you’re still in motion’. We aren’t finished yet as we’ve another tricky day to negotiate tomorrow! Stay tuned!

PS The Revolverlites put on another fantastic gig last night in the Danois. (It was nice to see Nicki and Penny boogieing away.)  And thanks to everyone for a great evening in Bananas last night. Ricky was on good form and we caught up with TJ as well.