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Wayne and Gill Watson.
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England v USA!!!

Now that I’m a fully converted Woman’s football fan I’ve bought my first tickets to a game. I logged on early this morning and eventually bought some tickets after queuing for 90-minutes.

I’m exited as Katie and I will be going to Wembley October 7th to watch our first game together. And what a match it should be! The European Champions England against the reigning World Champions from the USA. It should be fun and the atmosphere will be fantastic. And there is no doubt it will be another sell-out! (Two tickets were £35 as compared to about £350 for a men’s match. That’s a no brainer as far as I’m concerned!)

In the meantime Chris and Suzanne have been doing some great walks and Chris will be posting some photos. Thanks Chris.

Stay tuned.

PS The Lionesses v USA game sold 65,000 tickets in less than 24-hours. Wow! (Gill and Millie would have loved to have joined us but unfortunately they can’t. Millie will be back at Uni and Gill will be in Spain.)