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It didn’t take long for yesterday’s enthusiasm to evaporate! The news yesterday morning was all positive and we could all see some light at the end of a long dreary tunnel. But the news coming out of France isn’t good and that promising light has been snuffed out.

While the UK is gearing up for a jolly and in my mind a reckless Christmas the French are doing the opposite. Restrictions remain in place although non-essential shops can reopen as of Saturday. There will be a 9pm to 6am curfew and bars and restaurants are to remain closed until January 20th.

All French ski resorts will remain closed until some time in the New Year at the earliest. The public has been promised a clearer picture in 8-days time, when some serious decisions will be made. Rumour has it that resorts may try to open for January 20th, or for the holiday periods. There is also talk of the entire winter be written off. Meanwhile thousands of seasonal workers and businesses will be tearing their hair out while desperately hoping for positive news.

I’ll try to keep you informed as news comes in. Stay tuned!

PS Tomorrow morning was my departure date and I was expecting to ski on Saturday. It will be the first time in about 40-years that I haven’t skied on the opening weekend.

PPS Andreas called with what I thought was good news. There is a chance that from December 15th ski touring will be allowed. With no lifts running it would be from the bottom of the mountain but it would also open options for exploring further down the valley. The decision hasn’t been made yet because the authorities are worried about ski injuries potentially clogging up hospital beds. Fingers crossed!