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Wayne and Gill Watson.
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Even Colder!!!

It was -17C on the top of Bellevarde this morning and -19C at the bottom of the Vanoise in Tignes but we managed the entire morning without seeking shelter or hot chocolate. We stayed in the sun and had two short ‘skins’ to keep us warm accessing some excellent snow and in between the pistes were magnificent. As usual Tilly brought some chocolate while Catherine came armed with some lovely cake from Chevellot and those girls can ski with me anytime! Boy, they know how to travel! Andy brought his friend John S along today and it was great to have them both along. (I seem to have had trouble with my camera today and had too many blurry silhouettes of people looking good through a haze. Sorry about that although I did manage a few decent shots. Maybe it’s the cold?)

Chris was in the neighbourhood while Andreas and Thomas were both off ‘skinning’ and TJ headed towards the Fornet for his last morning. He’s had a great three weeks, which have flown by and we’ll miss him. It was great having you back TJ.

I had a bit of a shocking reality check yesterday afternoon when I climbed onto the bus half frozen after my afternoon technique session. I consider myself to look young-ish for my age, consider myself to be in pretty good shape and to be a fairly cool guy for my age, and I certainly didn’t expect this beautiful young 18 to 20 year-old woman/girl to offer me her seat! She was so sweet and I thanked her profusely and assured her that I was fine and would make it home. Shocking!

The Guinea Pigs were fantastic last night and had the Danois rocking and I’m looking forward to a return visit tonight for our weekly Alpine Get-Together featuring Andreas and Karen. They are fantastic together and I’d like to encourage any ‘Pigs’ fans out there who haven’t seen them to come along because it’s a great gig. See you all there!!!

Stay tuned for more news tomorrow and I’m looking forward to footie and curry at Johnny Alpine’s tonight after Andreas’ gig!!!