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Wayne and Gill Watson.
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There was a gross exaggeration in the avalanche risk today and although it wasn’t a day to be wandering around in the backcountry there was plenty of ‘safe’ skiing to be enjoyed and all the teams had an excellent morning. It still really hasn’t snowed nearly as much as forecast as we were expecting 50cm’s today but maybe the snow will move in later in the day? A retour de l’est is forecast so perhaps it will snow 50cm’s to a metre at the Fornet but at the moment (1:15 PM) it isn’t snowing at all and we’ll know more tomorrow morning.

Today was a ‘bonus’ day because if it had of snowed as much as was forecast the risk would have been high enough to shut us down expect for the ‘low-hanging fruit) and the resort would have been slow to open. As it was the Olympique opened on time and we got stuck into some great skiing right off the bat! Today however, may have been exaggerated but tomorrow might be a totally different deal!

The Guinea Pigs were brilliant last night and there was a huge ‘Alpine’ presence there and I’m expecting everyone and a few more to be back tonight for Andreas’ gig with Karen. I love my back-to-back music nights and look forward to it every week. See you tonight at 5 although they probably won’t get going until 5:15 or later.

Stay tuned for more news tomorrow!

PS And thank you to the Farrer’s and Jono for a great evening and dinner last night!