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Wayne and Gill Watson.
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The past few days have been absolutely stunning. Two days of powder on the Pays Desert followed by three days of exquisite spring snow!

I haven’t seen the mountain this ‘clean’ in years. We’ve been treated to some immaculately smooth spring snow and it’s been a lot of fun. It would be nice to have easier exits at the bottom of some of the big itineraries but you can’t have everything.

After a tough winter it’s been a deserved reward for those who have hung in there. (see photos)

Henry had a fantastic morning skiing with Ginnie and his children. We will have really loved taking his kids on those big spring slopes in such pristine condition. And he’ll be a proud papa tonight as well!

Karen and Andreas’s gig at the Coin des Amis was excellent yesterday. They will be playing again tomorrow afternoon at 4:45. Ed and Jamie will be playing tonight and Saturday, with both gigs starting at 4:45. Top tip, dress warmly. Don’t be fooled by the sunshine!

Stay tuned!

PS You might have noticed in yesterday’s photos one of Richard standing in a river? After trying to take a swim all week he finally managed to take one. He was actually spread out laying in the river. I was so worried that he’d hurt himself that I didn’t get a photo until he was on his feet again. Richard was absolutely drenched! And all credit to him, he was having so much fun he finished the morning! Bravo Richard!