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Wayne and Gill Watson.
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Alpine Experience

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Facing The Dragon!!!

We had a team plan this morning but the foehn wind was incredibly fierce and with thick cloud building up on the Italian border Andreas, Thomas and I decided that Tignes might be a safer option. Chris had a private with a lovely Swedish couple and they wanted to try touring and Chris was adamant that he wanted to face the dragon as he would say and try the Fornet. At the last moment I decided to keep him company and we headed to the Col and it was blowing a hoolie on each lift and not surprisingly the Vallon bubbles were closed, but we were relieved to see that the Cascade chair was running so we could get over the Col Pers. Once on the other side we were sheltered for the most part and ‘skinned’ to the Glacier Pers and were rewarded with fantastic snow, wonderful scenery and great ambience. It turned out be a fantastic morning out in the mountains and really rewarding. Bravo Chris! (See photos) Meanwhile Andreas and Thomas headed to Tignes and skied couloirs and north-facing slopes and they had a great morning as well.

I had a long night last night driving to the airport in Lyon and back and didn’t get home until 2AM. I’m a bit whacked today but Gill, Katie and I are having a lamb dinner then going to bed early to be ready for tomorrow.

We may see 5cm’s of snow tonight, which wouldn’t hurt and with any luck we’ll have decent visibility in the morning. Stay tuned!