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Wayne and Gill Watson.
Alpine Experience
Alpine Experience

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Fairly Funky!!!

Well, that was a fairly funky morning. We skied some gentle slopes, we skied some steep, and we skied some pretty narrow in places strips. And we threw in a little bush whacking as well. (see photos) It was good fun and we didn’t get down until 1:30!

Chris was skiing as well this morning and he didn’t get down until 2 o’clock. Even with these tough conditions and lack of options we seem to finish late most mornings. Work that one out? Anyway, Chris’s team had a great morning and Chris treated himself to a beer afterwards.

Andreas, Thomas and Henry are all back in action tomorrow.

Gill’s sister Viv is here for a few days with some of her girlfriends. They are seriously good fun and hopefully they’ll be coming to the gigs.

It’s Tottenham v West Ham tonight and it’s a massive match in the hunt for European football next season. Come on boys!

Stay tuned!