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Wayne and Gill Watson.
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Alpine Experience

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Feeling Much Better!!!

I had a forced day off today for the first time in ages but I’m feeling much better and my injury isn’t as serious as it might have been. Gill has done lots of stability tests and fortunately it isn’t my knee and seems to be a pull or tear high up in my calf. I’m moving much better today and Gill has done some soft-tissue work and is happily surprised at how quickly it seems to be healing. I’m a very lucky boy and hope to be back in action soon!

Meanwhile Chris and Andreas went up to the Fornet for a ‘sniff’ as times are tough and had a pretty good morning around the Lower Signal and Pisaillas in colder snow in places and wind compressed snow in others, all adding up to a good outing. They had some brightness early on before the clouds rolled in and the light flattened. Bravo boys!

Chris sent a few photos along which have been posted so do have a look and stay tuned!

I’ve posted a few photos that Chris sent so have a look