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Wayne and Gill Watson.
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Alpine Experience

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What a morning that was! It was a ‘maximum-turn’ morning of high quality and all the teams had superb skiing up at the Fornet. (See photos)

I had two young Swedes with me today for the first time and they had an outstanding time.  Vilgot and Max were great skiers and only needed to be told once about the tracks, which of course pleased me. The boys found us through a Swedish forum called ‘Free-ride’  so I thought only mentioning the tracks once was a pretty good result! They slotted into the group beautifully and we look forward to seeing them again soon.

Today was the second anniversary of my second hip replacement. I’m so much stronger this season compared to last when I really struggled, and here’s to many more days like today. Cheers!

Don’t forget Fernando at the Danois today kicking off at 5:30. He’s a fantastic musician with a great repertoire and Fernando is a brilliant showman as well. Don’t miss it if you’re in town and I’ll see you there!

Stay tuned!