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Wayne and Gill Watson.
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After some tricky skiing yesterday the snow dried out overnight.Today’s snow was significantly lighter and with another 10 cm’s on top it made for excellent skiing.

Today’s visibility was thankfully better as well. It was fifty-fifty during the morning. We started out in flat-light, although slightly better than yesterday before enjoying a two-hour window of stunning sunshine. Unfortunately on the last run cloud cover engulfed us on the Funky Familial plunging us into the gloom to finish.

JM, Chris and Pietro went up to the Fornet while Andreas,Thomas, Jerome and Henry were all off today.

Karen and Andreas’s  gig last night at the Danois was excellent. I love my Friday night’s at the Danois. Karen and Andreas always put on a great show, and it’s a nice wind-down to the week.

This season they have decided to take a 10-minute break mid-set. And last night’s break coincidentally came just as the Brazil v Croatia penalty shoot-out started. I didn’t watch the end of the game as I wouldn’t be so rude as to miss Karen and Andreas in full flow, but I did enjoy the shoot-out!

After the game Peter, Pietro and Derek came back to my place for pasta and the Dutch v Argentina match. It was a cracking evening and you should have joined us Stocky!!!

I’m watching the Portugal v Morocco match at home this afternoon. Then I’m heading up to Johnnie Alpine’s for curry and the big England v France match. It just doesn’t get much better! Stay tuned!