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Wayne and Gill Watson.
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Alpine Experience

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First boob of the season !!!

The sun was out in full force this morning and Derek, Tom and I headed up to the Fornet. The Cascade was closed yesterday and after skiing some fantastic snow around Bellevarde I was expecting quite a nice cushion of fresh snow on the Pisaillas. Unfortunately the tracks weren’t filled in and there was less snow than expected but we did manage some lovely gullies where the snow had drifted in and we had a great run under the chair and two in the Combe du 3300 before heading over the Col Pers. The scenery and solitude over the Col was fantastic and the skiing was excellent. My first boob of the season was going for ‘bonus’ turns that meant skiing to the bottom of the Fornet. It was absolutely fine most of the way down but at the bottom we needed to walk between patches of man-made snow because the snow cover is very thin, even if it looks white. Sorry boys!

After four days of skiing off-piste without hitting any rocks we managed to find a few today on the Pisaillas. There’s nothing like a few centimetres of fresh snow to disguise the terrain and both Derek and I will be in need of a service! I’m a little bummed as my skis are brand new and we had been managing to avoid the rocks. Stay tuned!