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Wayne and Gill Watson.
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First Snow!!!

I had the pleasure of experiencing my first-ever snow fall in England yesterday! Sure, I’d rather be first into TJ’s Shoulder after 30cm’s of fresh snow with clear blue skies. But ‘it is was it is’ as Chris would say and it made for a totally different and enjoyable experience.

The roads were dreadful and I was pleased to still have my snow tyres on my car from last winter. People were sliding around all over the place with the odd one shooting through roundabouts. The general public on summer tyres combined with limited experience of driving in snow is a lethal mix. A quick survey showed those driving high-price Mercedes should have stayed at home!

Millie and I went for a walk around our golf course (see photos) while Katie spent the entire day outside with a couple of her friends (boys). Gill was up early and had a lovely walk with her friend Lou. (While I watched Match of the Day and Andrew Marr!)

Our main entertainment is our daily walks, cooking a great meal every night, watching series on the TV by the firelight, watching sports when possible, and I’m working on my putting. We’ve survived this horrible situation as well as can be expected, and count ourselves much luckier than most.

Andreas has been out skiing with clients a couple of times as week. He has people driving up for day trips and can choose his days, snow and weather-wise. I think Andreas is really enjoying his days out so far. It’s great for him to have a mission, which is a great relief against the monotony of the daily ‘lockdown’ routine.

It seems the new variants are arriving in France and the covid numbers are rising. There will be an announcement this week as the French are starting to murmur about another lockdown. All bars and restaurants are now closed until at least April 6th and the chances of a ski season are slowly slipping away.

I hope you are all managing to deal with this terrible situation we all find ourselves in and fingers crossed for better times soon!!!

Stay tuned!