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Wayne and Gill Watson.
Alpine Experience
Alpine Experience

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First Time In Val d’Isere!!!

Paul W lent two of his Swiss friends, Cedric and Carol, his apartment for the weekend and I had the honour of introducing them to our wonderful domain for the first time. Cedric and Carol have an apartment in Verbier but it’s always fun to show people around and watch them take in new views on top of every lift or col. The one place you want to show new people is the Fornet sector and along with Doug and Adam we started off with the Grand Vallon, followed by the Combe du Signal (rubbish!), then the Pays Desert before heading over the Col Pers and out through the always impressive Gorge du Malpasset. So far it was all pretty good considering it hasn’t snowed in a month but we saved the best for last and had a brilliant run down the Vallonnet to finish off a cracking good morning. (see photos) Chris and Henry were both in action at the Fornet and their clients thoroughly enjoyed themselves while Andreas and Thomas were both having family days.

We are now expecting a little snow during the upcoming week and it can’t come soon enough! It’s been a long time coming and fingers crossed that a fresh canvas is on its way. Stay tuned!

PS My emails no longer work. I can receive but can’t send. May need to drop idms address and just use gmail like most people do!

PPS Email crisis is over!!!