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Wayne and Gill Watson.
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First Time!!!

This morning was the first time all season that I haven’t looked for some sort of powder or spring snow. I knew leaving chez-moi that I’d stay north and and ski where it was smooth and chalky underneath, and any new snow on top would be a bonus. (It only snowed between 3 and 5 cm’s, but it was visually pleasing and and it did soften things up a little).

It was much colder this morning so spring slopes were never going to be an option, and anything other than steep east or north would have had a crunky feel underfoot due to the previous few days melt/freeze cycle. So the result was a pretty hard morning of gravity-fed skiing where Chris, Andreas and I skied the Col Pers, the Vallonnet, the Grand Vallon and another Vallonnet to finish. (see photos)

Meanwhile, Thomas took his ladies team ‘skinning’. Doug is back from a great week in Canada and was invited along with the girls this morning. Must be those blue eyes Doug! And Jerome had a private and started in Tignes this morning.

Now that it hasn’t snowed I’m seriously hoping that the sun keeps shining. We were lucky today and had clear skies all morning, which greatly contributed to everyone’s enjoyment. The forecast is for good vis for the next two morning before another chance of snow on Sunday. Fingers crossed and stay tuned!