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Wayne and Gill Watson.
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Flat-light And Wind!!!

After a calm sunny day yesterday we dealt with some fairly extreme conditions today as it was snowing with a vicious wind at altitude. On the ridge leading to the Sachette Couloir it was so windy that it was difficult to walk in a straight line and we could barely see with the wind whipping up the snow. It made for a terrific ambience and although the couloir was a bit rough the skiing below that was excellent all the way to the bottom. (See photos) Chris was behind me with his team and Thomas was in the neighbourhood as well but unless people were close you’d never see them in the storm. We were sheltered in the Sache and had forgotten how windy it really was but we were quickly reminded on top of Tommeuses where the wind was outrageous making it was difficult to stand still and we couldn’t see a thing while the wind was gusting. It was a cracking morning in tough conditions as we made the most of the morning but we’ll look forward to calmer conditions again tomorrow.

Lily and Faye enjoyed the storm while skiing with Suzanne and it was great for them to experience such conditions. They’ve skied all day every day so far but have given themselves the afternoon off to play cards and then go ice-skating.

Thanks to Johnnie Alpine for a great meal last night followed by the football, which was excellent except for the result. Stay tuned for more news tomorrow!

PS I just wanted to mention what a brilliant time Chris’ team had today. The light was flat, the wind was ferocious, the traverse was tricky, the couloir wasn’t easy and when pushing across the flats Gill heard one of the young lads say, ” this is really fun isn’t it? I’m really enjoying this!” Bravo Chris!!!