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Wayne and Gill Watson.
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Alpine Experience

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Flat-light But Great Skiing!!!

It was snowing huge flakes at times this morning and there was a punchy wind in places but we managed to stay in the lee and for a flat-light day the visibility was pretty jolly good. We started off with a Lower Borsat, which was very good and then headed to the Sachette vis the Sachette Couloir and the snow was exceptionally good top-to-bottom. Enough new snow had fallen to cushion the heat affected snow at lower altitudes and it made for some great skiing. Thomas and I finished off with a great run through the Altiport (Familial) to finish a really solid morning. Chris is skiing all-day with Tejina so he headed back upstairs to ski the Sachette again and Henry was about but I didn’t see him after we left the Gourmandine. He skied the Lower Borsat, Combe des Lanches, Lower Chardonnet and hopefully made his way to the Sache because it was top quality!

I’ve the pleasure of skiing with martin and his wife Amy this week and it’s their first trip to Val d’Isere. It’s a privilege to be able to show our wonderful domain to new skiers and so far they are pretty impressed, although they haven’t seen much scenery-wise!

Jukka and I had a great session in the Danois last night listening to Ed Mullit and Jamie. After Friday night it’s my next favourite gig of the week and Ed and Jamie were brilliant last night!

Chris and I are on duty to serve drinks at the Classical Festival tonight and once done we are free of ‘community service’ until next year. Neither of us are very keen as it starts late and we both need our beauty sleep. Stay tuned!

PS Photos are finally up!