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Fly To Turin???

For the moment Italy has a friendly rating according to the government, meaning travelers from Italy do not need to quarantine. How long this will last is anyone’s guess but that is the situation for the moment.

Andreas mentioned the Turin Airport so I googled it and the transfer time from Turin to Val d’Isere is only 3h06. A 3-hour transfer might sound daunting but it would be a lot less painful than a two-week quarantine!

There is a company shuttledirect.com, which seems to have options for bus transfers, taxis and perhaps shared-taxis as well. Check it out as it may be a way forward for some of you this season!

PS Adam has just informed me that you’d need a negative test to enter Italy, or have a negative test at the airport. Your movements to France would be easily traced so what seemed like a potentially promising option in reality would unfortunately be quite complicated! Sounded good at the time!