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Wayne and Gill Watson.
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Fornet Again!!!

After avoiding the Fornet all season I’ve now had five days-in-a-row up there and they’ve all been excellent. Today Chris, Thomas and I headed to the Glacier Pers, which was excellent top-to-bottom, and the exit via the summer path above the gorge was beautiful. Thomas saved a group of tourers who were about to enter the gorge and had he not seen them when he did they would have been in serious trouble. They weren’t very grateful and turned out to be jerks but Thomas saved them from a very delicate situation. Meanwhile Andreas headed to the Col des Fours this morning and his team had a brilliant outing as well. We all needed to play with expositions this morning because the snow is transforming and if you don’t get it just right instead of lovely powder you’ll find yourself in ‘wishbone’ snow, which doesn’t go down well! Well done boys for ‘sniffing’ out some great pitches today!

It’s been fantastic having Katie and Gill skiing with me these past few days and Gill left this afternoon and will return with Millie on the 17th. In the meantime Katie and I are going to have a brilliant time going to gigs, listening to music at home, eating out now and then, and of course skiing every morning. Her friend Cassius is here at the moment so they’re having a lovely time together in the afternoons and it’s really nice to be able to spend so much time with her.

Gill had a drink in the Baraque last night with Michele and Ellie and when she came home we googled Ellie’s daughter Lara’s music. Lara, who’s musical name is Chilli Chilton, is writing and singing her own songs and I must say she’s fantastic. She has a stunning voice with great lyrics and is well worth a listen. Google Chilli Chilton and have a listen!

While the girls were out I went to the Danois with young Cassius and we boogied on down to Ed Mullit and Cassius absolutely loved it! He loves his singing and dancing and we’re looking forward to Karen and Andreas on Friday night. There is also music this weekend at the Salon des Fous and Karen is playing Friday (before the Danois) with Mike and Ritchie, and there will be music there on Saturday and Sunday. Fingers crossed as it’s all outdoors!

We may see a little sunshine before the weather moves in tomorrow afternoon with snow tomorrow night and Thursday. Stay tuned!