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Wayne and Gill Watson.
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Full On Sunshine!!!

We were expecting some decent visibility this morning but were pleasantly surprised with full on sunshine!

With fresh snow and strong winds last night there was a lot of snow transported in places resulting in some lifts being slow to open this morning. The Pisaillas Glacier reported gust up to 170 kph last night so I can’t imagine much was going on up there.

Even though the wind did damage some snow we still had some fantastic powder in the lee, and it was another great morning of powder skiing.

I had a bit of trouble as Jenny hit a rock and lost a ski near the top of the Banane. It took about 30-minutes to find it after scrambling back up in deep snow, which was really difficult. Nick was supporting my feet from below to give me a little purchase and without his help I wouldn’t have made it. I finally found it just as Chris was arriving to help. Thanks for coming back around Chris! And as usual, the ski was way up high, right where Jenny left it! (It was steep so she ended up a long way down!)

Andreas has just texted that there was quite a bit of avalanche activity today. That really isn’t surprising after two nights of fresh snow combined with last night’s wind. Prudenceis the key for the next few days!

Stay tuned!

If you’re around Thursday night don’t miss Fernando at Le Petit Danois. He’s a great entertainer and a fantastic character. See you there!