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Wayne and Gill Watson.
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Fun While It Lasted!!!

It was blowing at 120 km/h at altitude and it was always going to be one of those days. The only lift open was the Funival and after busing down we caught the first train of the morning.

It hadn’t really snowed overnight so we had no real fresh accumulation  of snow to work with. But there was a little cushion that had blown in which felt good underfoot. We weren’t really expecting the Funival to be running so quickly so everyone was just happy to be skiing.

The wind was really howling and the light was extremely flat until we hit the treeline lower down. You’d need to be an idiot to step off the piste in those conditions so we stayed between the sticks. On our second run the wind was significantly stronger and I managed to come off the piste on the Diebold. You couldn’t see a thing and it was seriously disorientating. I knew then that we were on borrowed time. It was as windy as it gets before forcing the lifts to close. The ferocious wind reminded me of when I skied down with Millie in similar conditions when she was five!

It was adventurous skiing and I for one thoroughly enjoyed it while it last. Very few people get to experience a storm of that magnitude and it was fun. The entire group were appreciating the atmosphere and were disappointed when the Funival closed right in front of us. Bravo Mags, Millie, Johnny Alpine, Simon and James! (See photos)

Meanwhile Chris was out there as were Andreas and Ian. Thomas wasn’t feeling well enough to ski today so he had the day off. Hopefully he’ll be back tomorrow.

And Jean Marc is back in town. It was great to see him at the Gourmandine this morning and he’s here for the week.

Stay tuned!