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Wayne and Gill Watson.
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It really didn’t look like much was going to happen today as the wind was raging in town and at altitude but we ended up having a rather funky morning. Chris started out with a beep search with his team while my team enjoyed a rare hot chocolate/coffee at Les Tufs (thanks Ruth) before we decided to ‘skin’ up to just below the Triffollet. We didn’t want to climb too high in case they opened the Funival and as luck would have it they opened up just as we skied down to the bottom. We had some nice snow in the lee off the edges of the piste and then finished the morning with the Face du Bellevarde where we found some pretty deep snow in places off the edges of the piste. (See photos) Andreas was in action with Ian and we were all in the same neighbourhood as the Funival was the only show in town!

I’m really enjoying my new Scarpa F1 boots as my old Salomon’s were getting too soft and I was starting to worry about hurting myself in them. My new boots have much better support and I’m getting the hang of adjusting them so that they still have a soft forward flex. I skied on my MTN 88’s today for the first time all season (others being repaired) and with the extras support of my new boots I really enjoyed them today.

Didier at Jean Sports is repairing my beloved Vertex skis for me as a thin gouge about 20cm’s long was ripped out along the edge. I had them repaired a couple of times with normal p-tex but it kept popping out and my skis were unskiable and quite dangerous as far as my knees went. Didier then put in some resin/epoxy but that popped out as well so he’s now putting in a patch for me, which is quite a big job. It’s a bit of a dying art but Didier is brilliant at it and I really appreciate his efforts as my ski will go from dangerously unskiable to as good as new! Thanks Didier!

I must get painting as I’ve a second coat to do this afternoon before I start tidying up for the girls arrival, and then I’m going to reward myself with an hour in the Danois listening to music. Maybe see you there!

Calmer weather with some sunshine is forecast for the morning so stay tuned!

PS And thank you Penny for a lovely meal last night!