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Go Chris!!!

I see that Chris is continuing to update the blog with photos of yesteryear. Thanks Chris! I’ve been getting lots of positive comments, especially from those who find themselves on the big screen!

I’m improving daily now and am over the worst of it. My mobility has improved drastically as I’m doing loads of Pilates and gentle walking. I’ve ditched the crutches two-weeks early and will start walking with my Nordic walking poles today. The poles help with posture, length and speed of stride, open up the hip flexors, and are more aerobic. All good news really!

Meanwhile Andreas has settled in to his rehab center. He’s getting physio a couple of times a day and is enjoying his guitar and watching sports.

Thomas has been skiing almost daily and Chris and Suzanne are ‘skinning’ 4 or 5 times a week. Jean Marc has been in-and-out of town, TJ is well (he’s had a new hip since last winter) and I’m not too sure how Pietro is getting on? And Henry is well and busy with those three live-wires of his! Louise has bought herself all the touring gear and is walking quite often with Chris and Suzanne. The Jean Sports crew are doing their best to make the most of this dire situation. Retail has been hit seriously hard and they’ll need our support next winter.

Much of France has just gone into ‘lockdown’ and with more departments on the brink. Fingers crossed they get it together and get their vaccination program so that we can travel this summer. (And I don’t even want to mention next winter!)

I had my jab yesterday and so far haven’t had any nasty side-effects. Stay tuned for more news and photos from Chris.