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Wayne and Gill Watson.
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Go Thomas!!!

Thomas has been out skiing fairly regularly this season. He’s been out ‘skinning’ on his own, with friends and sometimes with clients.

For most of us this season has been a terrible ordeal. But for some it has been a winter that will be looked back on with a sense of accomplishment. Adam G is a great example. He and his family have chosen to spend the winter in Val d’Isere. Adam’s two young children are going to the local school (while UK schools have often been closed) so they a mixing socially with other kids. They are learning French and after their second season will be bilingual. Adam’s children are also participating in the Club Des Sports so that they’ve been skiing all season, Gill and I know from our French schooling experience how beneficial that ‘social-French-and skiing’ package really is. On top of all that Adam and Sarah are enjoying the mountains and making the best of this uncertain time.

Thomas is around and available if anyone does make it out before the end of the season. As spring arrives there will be more and more touring options. It’s possible to drive down the valley a short distance to explore different itineraries. It’s not all humping it up under lifts until you break free further up the mountain but the skiing isn’t free either. It is hard work but very satisfying for those who enjoy the challenge.

I’d like to say a big hello to Adam’s son Leo. I’m really looking forward to our off-piste day together next season!

Stay tuned!

PS Thomas posted on the Facebook page yesterday in case you haven’t seen it.