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Wayne and Gill Watson.
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Golf, Walking, Biking and Zoom!!!

The brilliant weather continues and we are making the most of it. We had another street party on the weekend, which was really good fun. The ages range from 3 to 83 and our neighbourhood ‘community-spirit has improved dramatically. Besides the street parties -which are now totally legal thanks to that berk Cummings- we have bi-weekly Zoom quizzes.

Gill and Millie are taking some serious walks daily. Millie and I are golfing three times a week while Katie and I are walking/ biking. I’ve been doing loads of Pilates classes on Zoom, which has gone really well. And I’ve just had a shipment of garden plants delivered so I’ve been buy planting up my pots.

Karen, Uffe, Tchenko, Flo and I have had a regular Monday evening drinks session on WhatsApp ever since the lockdown started. It’s great to stay in touch with them and fingers crossed that we can all meet up in the Danois late-November?

Katie got up at 4am yesterday and cycled up to the golf course to watch the sunrise with a friend of hers. I thought it was a pretty good effort and a bit of a scary adventure heading off in the dark. Bravo Kato!

I’ve posted a few photos and Gill’s flower shots have sorted themselves in after Chris’s stunning mountain photos.

Enjoy your quiet time and stay tuned!

PS Karen and Andreas have started to rehearse again and all they need now is a venue!