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Wayne and Gill Watson.
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Good but Tough!!!

It was another good but tough morning. All the easily accessible skiing is tracked, and with flat-light it’s difficult to spread our wings. There are terrain traps everywhere, both natural and man-made, plus some rocks lurking under the surface.

With that said Chris and I decided to go on a ‘travelling safely in the mountains’ adventure, which took most of the morning. It was hard work but good fun and I think everyone appreciated being away from all the other skiers. We avoided a potentially nasty plaque, which we triggered from a distance, and that focused the team’s minds. (I took a couple of photos but they aren’t very clear) We had a nice chamois sighting, some good turns, and a long but successful outing.

Had the visibility been better we could have made more of the skiing. But bad vis makes slightly tricky snow much more difficult than it is, and that was the case this morning, Especially when you’re trying to avoid ‘haggis traps’!

There is no doubt that there is danger lurking and when it snows we’ll need to be extremely careful. Today’s plaque had a fracture line of about 1.5 metres at it’s highest point. It wasn’t very wide but you wouldn’t have wanted to be taken in it. It was exactly where we regularly cross a little combe en-route to the Face or Tour du Charvet. But fortunately today I sensed trouble and backed off. Anyway, it’s snowing and hopefully we’ll have some easy ‘low-hanging-fruit’ again tomorrow. Stay tuned!

PS What a great show the Moroccans but on against the heavily favoured French last night. They really did themselves proud!