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Wayne and Gill Watson.
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Good Calls Chris!!!

Chris came up with a couple of really good call this morning. The first was to stay high and cold and head up to the Glacier Pers, and the second was to forget the ‘skinning’ and abandon Plan A and just ski the Col Pers. He actually made three really good calls because instead of skiing the Vallonnet we decided to circle back around to go over the Col again and ski the Tour du Lechoir, which Thomas and Henry had done earlier in the morning. The first run was in glorious sunshine, which is why we decided to ski in the sunshine instead of walk in it, but by the time we’d circled back around the second run was in much flatter light but the snow was pretty good top-to-bottom so it was an excellent morning in potentially tricky conditions. Bravo Chris! And Chris had a ladies team today of Tilly, Catherine, Carol and Suzanne so that might have revved him up a bit! (see photos)

My ex-beau-frère, who is the reason I’m a long suffering Hammers fan, is at the match today with his son Luc. West Ham have never needed a win more than they do today and I hope Pav and Luc come home extremely happy. Come on you Hammers!

Tomorrow’s forecast isn’t great as rain is forecast to about 2500-2600 metres, which means expectations will be low, which means we’re always in with a chance! I’m wearing my old ski suit as I don’t want black oily drip marks from the lifts all over my new one. If you have old clothes or dark clothes wear them as anything bright and colourful may take a beating. Stay tuned!